Summer Memories

Stunning Organic Orange & Berries Tea

The smell of this amazing tea takes me back to summer days in the backyard running around barefoot lots of laughter and carefree fun with my brother, sister and cousins. It was always fun running through the sprinkler it would keep us busy for hours and then we would lay on the grass eating oranges off the tree juicy and fresh.

This Organic tea is full of orange wedges, apple pieces, black currants, chock berries, hibiscus, currants, Marigold flower blossoms, Rose hip shells and Sea Buckthorn berries so much vitamin C.  The kids will love it for no added sugar and so good for them to drink. Make a large jug and keep it in the fridge then serve up over ice you can always add some soda water for some bubbles if you're feeling cheeky how about a dash of vodka. 

I hope you enjoy this tea and that it evokes wonderful memories of summer sunshine all year round.


Annette xx