About Us

~Welcome to Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea, we’re so happy that you found us~

Here at Wildflower we are committed to bringing you a beautiful experience with our delicious boutique teas. Whether it’s a morning pot of something traditional, an indulgent dessert or cocktail tea with your besties, or a relaxing digestive tea before slipping into a deep sleep, we have got everything you need to do just that! 

When you brew one of our teas, you will notice the quality, the fragrance and the freshness. Combine this with our delightful natural ingredients like real dried flowers, herbs and fruit, creating an unforgettable experience and flavour you will keep coming back to time and time again! 

So whether you’re looking to enhance your lifestyle with delicious natural teas, create some fun with friends, give a unique gift to a loved one, or even host a tea party of your own, then we are so happy and excited to help you start your journey with Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea!

~Love from the team at Wildflower~