About Us

     My name is Annette and I am the person behind Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea.


I’ve always had a passion to live a healthy lifestyle. I believe in exercise, eating healthily, taking time out for yourself and choosing natural ways to heal the body. Throughout my life journey, I have discovered many amazing ways to self-care.  So many of these are simple to instil into everyday living - one of these is drinking tea.


Tea has the most amazing benefits for healing and it is such a comforting drink. But in the commercial markets I really struggled to find teas that were organic, full of flavour and that I enjoyed drinking.  This is why I began my search for natural, organic, no nasties tea. I decided to choose loose leaf tea as it is eco-friendly, and a fresher, tastier option. When I found what I loved I thought maybe others will love it as well.


As a child I was a big daydreamer, and I often imagined myself in a field of beautiful flowers. This gorgeous field was always a safe place for me. As I know now, Wildflowers grow totally organically. They don’t need any help or interventions to grow wildly, freely and to produce masses of gorgeous colour.  With my daydream in mind it made perfect sense for my tea to be named Wildflower Loose Leaf Tea.

My stunning logo is an original design by my special friend Jess Story. Jess has been so kind to me in preparing to launch my business. Lots of love to you Jess.

With the help of my gorgeous daughter (I LOVE YOU TO THE MOON AND BACK) to help me navigate my way through social media, website building, photo shoots and the list just grows….. here we are today.

I do hope you enjoy the beautiful flavours of these teas and that your body thrives on their healing properties.

Abundant Blessings